Top Shops for the Cutest Travel Gifts

So you got “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Girlfriend Getaways” for all your girlfriends right? Now you just need some cute travel goodies to seal the deal and get the gals excited to plan your getaway! Listed below are my favorite sites for travel gear and accessories along with suggestions for cute and affordable trinkets that go well with the little orange book that keeps on givin’!

Lug. Personally, I’ve got a serious crush on the super-sizes Shuttle Bus bag in rose pink. At $104, it’s out of my budget scope right now so I’ll continue to salivate over the trillion little compartments and settle on the fashionable Luggage Belts as the perfect gift. Rather than fumbling around to find your luggage tag, these belts give bags some blink while making them easy to spot on the airport carousel ($18). Matching luggage tags ($7) also available.

PB Travel. This site has the goods. For persnickety travel friends, a good bet is the All in 1 Flight Pack that comes with sanitizer towels, ear plugs, eye mask, inflatable pillow and mouthwash. They have an entire collection dedicated to germ freaks (from disposable pillow cases to face masks) and their initialed luggage tags ($9.99) and shoe bags ($21.99) are adorable too!


Flight 001. I get the whole idea of throwing out dirty underwear when you’re traveling abroad but I don’t buy it. I like to keep my undies to myself! If traveling with dirty laundry is an issue for you or your travel companions, Flight 001 has Pack Bags marked Laundry, Wet Suit, Lingerie and Stuff ($18-$24) so packing won’t be quite so … dirty.


Belle Hop. Not sure how these nifty little locks actually work but Belle Hop’s little purse cable locks have a Travel Sentry mark that allows airport security to unlock and relock luggage for inspection. Every girl needs one (or three). Get them on


Tepper Jackson. The Tepper Jackson travel collections are so darn cute and colorful, it’s tough to narrow down your choices. Thank goodness for sales! You could keep it simple with a dashing passport cover and travel wallet ($28 in various designs) or splurge on a beach tote bag ($46 and up) and tuck the book inside.