Spread Jao Not Germs: Jao Hand Sanitizer and Travel Kits

JaoI’m a little obsessed with germs lately. And I know “little” doesn’t necessarily pair well with the word “obsessed” but I say that because I try to be discrete about my germaphobic tendencies.

Like recently, I thought I’d try out a new deli that opened in my hood and just as I was stepping in through the door, the guy behind the counter blew his nose above the sandwich prep area. “Oh,” I said using my best southern belle accent as I pretended to peruse the menu. “I thought this was a vegan restaurant.” “No,” he said. “But we have hummus.” “Oh darn,” I said. “I’m allergic to beans.” I smiled, wished him a wonderful holiday season and hightailed the heck out of there. Ewww. I love hummus and while I lean toward vegetarian food, I haven’t had a meal in ages that didn’t involve some type of cheese.

But I don’t want anybody to feel bad about their germs. Germs have a good side, don’t they? Anyway, I’ll be traveling soon and I’m not looking forward to being quarantined in a flying tin can with hundreds of other germs … I mean people … so I’ve been seeking out subtle but effective ways to protect myself other then the very non-discrete surgical mask and gloves.

Enter Jao Ltd. Now here’s a company that gets it. Jao products are void of icky stuff like petroleum and dyes and are low-profile, natural and don’t smell like you doused yourself in bug spray. The Jao Hand Refresher is the germ-stomping natural antiseptic that you want in your carry-on, purse, kitchen and desk drawer. It smells clean, dries fast and doesn’t coat your hands in a sticky goo. Heck, if I’d known about it earlier, I would have given it out with the Halloween candy. What’s even better is that you can get the hand sanitizer in cute minis and on-the-go kits. The Jao Staycation Amenities Pak is a great starter kit with a semi-resealable hand sanitizer pouch and minis of LipJao lip balm SPF 15 and Joe Goe Oil body and hair moisturizer ($6). The Jao Flight Rescue Pak comes ready for you to pop in your zip-sealed travel baggie with a mini bottle of the hand sanitizer plus lip balm and Jao Serious Moisture facial moisturizer ($16). Chic, urban, functional — what a concept, right? Check out all the Jao products and on-the-go kits at jaoltd.com. Here’s to a healthy, happy, germ-free holiday season!

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