New Website Caters to Beauty Junkies on the Go

I read about in of all places, an airplane. My feet were crammed under my seat with barely room to move because I sure as heck wasn’t going to fork up more dough to check in my bag. And I’ll do anything to avoid the post-landing rush to get into the overhead compartments. It’s madness. So everything goes under the seat in front of me including the million little 3-ounce-or-less bottles jammed into a Ziplock straining at its plastic seams. I can live without clean underwear (Commando baby! Oops, oversharing?) but not my emerginC Vitamin C Serum, philosophy hope in a tube eye and lip cream or my bliss moisturizer/sunscreen. Oh hells no. So as I was flipping through Southwest’s Spirit magazine, and came across an article on, I shouted out a tiny hallelujah. No worries that the cuddly couple next to me thought I was crazy. They needed to find themselves a hotel room, stat, and learn how to control their PDA inclinations when sequestered in a tin can at 40,000 feet.

Digressions aside, digs up travel-sized beauty and grooming products and presents them in one chic online package. The site was created by two friends and coworkers, Alexi and Kate. While the two bonded during their frequent business trips, they often clashed on their packing styles and as the story goes, a business was born. The site offers featured travel sets like Jonathan Jet Set Kit – a five-piece hair care product ($38) – and onesies like Whish Pomegranate Shave Cream ($7). You can browse by product type or brand or go straight to the kits. I love that they went to the trouble of making their organic and men’s lines stand out in separate categories and that they go beyond the basics. Nothing like a good facial scrub and hydrating mask after a day of traveling (Love the Ole Henriksen Micro/Mini Peel System Starter Kit, $45). Plus, they’ve put together their own favorites in Alexi’s and Kate’s custom kits. Brilliant.

Bottom line, you can rest assured that all items you buy from the site are TSA-friendly and that you can take as many of them as you can cram into a zip-top bag with you on the plane. Plus, you get free shipping with orders of $100 or more. Check it out at and happy travels!