Packing and Primping 101

Sephora_Travel_BagsGearing up for your summertime getaway? I hope it’s to somewhere fabulous. But wherever you go, go in style (right?)! Amp up your travel savvy with these key items and tips that keep you prepped, practical and pretty.

Ziploc sandwich bags are handy and great for snacks and but reusable, washable makeup bags are more durable and keep you green. Stay organized yet chic, with these travel bags and bottle kits:

TIP: To avoid washing your face with hair conditioner, use a label maker or stickers and a Sharpie to create labels for your travel bottles.

Avoid the dreaded “mystery goo” leakage in your cosmetics bag and be prepared for beauty emergencies with these travel-friendly items:

TIP: Now is the time to use up all those cute little sample bottles you’ve collected. They make packing easy and travel more fun when you get to try something new.

Keep friendships intact with these must-haves for sharing a hotel room or shacking up in close quarters:

TIP: Don’t forget to pack matches and keep a travel candle in the bathroom to hide embarrassing smells (hey, someone had to say it!)

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